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For every fancy in fabric


Fabrics that weave a growth story…

Travelling the whole nine yards from a single retail shop, Dwarkadas Shyamkumar now has about forty showrooms across India collectively spanning over the area of 10,00,000 sq.ft. This spectacular growth story has been woven into their fabrics, the quintessentially beautiful pieces of art.

Dealing into wholesale as well as retail textile industry, Dwarkadas Shyamkumar is a well-recognized brand for finest quality textiles like sarees, dress materials, suiting and shirting with full-fledged production houses in Surat, Bangalore and Varanasi.


The master craftsmen

The textile business of Dwarkadas Shyamkumar is a creation resulting from unswerving toils of several master craftsmen. Founded by Dwarkadas Hastimal Maheshwari in 1975, the business gained a new sheen as the heirs Shyamkumar Maheshwari and Manish Maheshwari added several delightful colours. As much valuable is the contribution of every craftsman at Dwarkadas Shyamkumar, who have been carefully and skilfully weaving this fabric with each new sun.


Pioneering new concept in textile

Pioneering the concept of textile market, Dwarkadas Shyamkumar established Pune Textile Market in Phursungi. The market is strategically located just outside the Pune city areas reducing infrastructural costs in order to provide retail and wholesale customers with an immense variety in textiles at low prices. This concept has also been carried forward in other cities like Ahmednagar and Latur.